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ActiveCampaign Integration

Integrating Flexie CRM with ActiveCampaign helps you keep your contacts synchronized and benefit from both platforms. When you create a contact in Flexie CRM you can directly send it to ActiveCampaing by using Webhooks in Workflows.

With a simple two step workflow you can directly synchronize the new contact in ActiveCampaing.

Integration options nowadays are plentiful because every application tent be able to exchange information with third parties by building APIs.

By directly integrating two applications we cut the need of using a third party platform like Zapier or Integromat.

To see how to send a Contact from Flexie CRM to ActiveCampaign check the video below.

On the other hand to send a contact from ActiveCampaign to Flexie CRM we should use ActiveCampaign Webhooks or Automation. Whenever a Contact is added it will post the Contact to the Dynamic Endpoint in Flexie CRM Workflow.

To see how, check the video below:

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