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addAttachments method


addAttachments — Shows all the attachments added to an entity.


This method is used to display all the attachments that are uploaded for an entity like a lead or a contact or a deal. Its usage varies depending on different scenarios.

Minimum number of arguments for this method is two.

Structure of the method:

addAttachments(Entity Name, Entity Id)


Entity Name— the entity name like Lead, Contact, Deal, etc.

Entity Id— the entity id like the Lead id, Contact id, Deal id, etc.


In the example below, we will show all the attachments added to a deal.

//Print all the attachments of an entity
Hello {{first_name}},

{% set deals = findDeals('lead', id) %}

{% for deal in deals %}

//The attachments associated with the deal: 
{{addAttachments('deal', deal.id)}}

{% endfor %}

//Output: If this lead is connected with a deal, this will show all the deals attachments

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