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findDealsValue method


findDealsValue — Returns the total deal’s value for a Lead, Contact or Account.


This method is used to calculate Deals total value for a Lead, Contact, Account on a certain stage/pipeline.

Minimum number of arguments for this method is four.

Structure of the method:

findDealsValue ('entity name', 'stage', 'pipeline', entity id)


entity name — the name of the entity

stage — the Deal stage can be won, lost, pending or ‘*’ for all stages . Stage pending will consider all stages beside the won/lost stages.

pipeline — The pipeline name or ‘*’ for all pipelines


In the example below, we will show all the findDealsValue calculates the total Deals value for a given Lead

//Calculate Deals value for a Lead

{{findDealsValue('lead', '*', '*', id)}}

// Total Deals value on all Stages/Pipelines for a Lead with a given id.

//Calculate Deals value for a Lead on stage 'won' and pipeline 'sales'. 

{{findDealsValue('lead', 'won', 'sales', id)}}

// Total Deals value on stage 'won' and pipeline 'sales' for a Lead with a given id.

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