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findOne method


findOne — finds a record on a specific entity by searching with field value.


Minimum number of  arguments for this method is three. The first argument is the entity name and the other two are Field Alias – Field Values pair that will filter the result. The Field Alias can be a unique identifier field and the Field Value is its value.

This method says “Find lead with email equal to john.smith@gmail.com” where lead is the entity, email is the field alias followed by the value. This method will return one record that matches the defined filters.

Structure of the method:

findOne('Entity Name', 'Field Alias', 'Field Value')


The first argument is always Entity Name like for example “lead” or “contact”. You can add as many pair arguments as you want.


#Sample 1

{% set lead = findOne('lead','email', 'john.smith@gmail.com')


//Output: the id of the record


//Output: John


//Output: john.smith@gmail.com

#Sample 2 with pair field alias, field value

{% set lead = findOne('lead','status', 'New', 'source', 'Pending') 
Id: {{lead.id}} 
Name: {{lead.first_name}} 
Email: {{lead.email}} 

//Output: Will output the id, first_name, email of the first record found.

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