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removeTags method


removeTagRemoves a specific tag and preserves the other tags.


Tags are a way to organize data and segment information within your company. You can generate smarts lists of Leads, Contacts etc by filtering with tags. At some point you may want to remove a tag from your Leads, Contacts if they don’t fit in a certain condition.

Minimum number of  arguments for this method is two.

Structure of the method:

removeTag(tags, newTagValue)


tags— this matches the tags field. It will be the name of the field that you will be using to hold tags.

tagToRemove— The tag you want to remove


In the example below, we remove a tag and see how to use this method.

{{removeTag(tags, 'Email#5')%} 

//Output: will output all the tags separated by pipe without the Email#5 tag that was removed.

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