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dump method


dump—  Prints information in a human-readable format about a variable.


This method displays information about a variable in a way that is easier to read by humans. This is used mainly to debug variable values and print objects arrays or strings.
Minimum number of arguments for this method is one.

Structure of the method:



variable— the variable we want to get information on that can be an object or array or a string


In the example below, we get information about a variable.

Example #1

{% set lead = findOne('lead', 'id', id)%} 

    [id] => 27578
    [is_published] => 1
    [date_added] => 2018-04-04 13:23:42
    [created_by] => 7
    [created_by_user] => John Smith
    [date_modified] => 2018-05-30 09:10:39
    [modified_by] => 
    [modified_by_user] => DEBUG add tag to lead(90)~workflow
    [last_sms_date] => 2018-05-10 13:03:05
    [title] => Mrs
    [first_name] => John
    [last_name] => Smith
    [email] => john.smith@business.com

Example #2

{% set leadEmail = findOne('lead', 'id', id).email%} 
//Output: john.smith@business.com

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