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toAlphanumeric method


toAlphanumericFormat a string or set of characters into alphanumeric characters only.


Alphanumeric is a term that includes all the letters in a given language set and the numerals. The alphanumeric characters are those comprised by the combined set of the 26 alphabetic characters, from A to Z, and the 10 Arabic numerals, from 0 to 9.

Minimum number of  arguments for this method is one.

Structure of the method:



value— A set of characters to be converted in alphanumeric


In the example below, convert a string to alphanumeric. We see that it has stripped spaces and special characters  by allowing only letters and numbers

//Convert a string to alphanumeric
Hello {{first_name}},

{%set result = toAlphanumeric('This is my 5th sentence for today!')%} 

//Output: thisismy5thsentencefortoday

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