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getSmartListRecords method


getSmartListRecords — find records of a smart list from a specific entity.


Minimum number of  arguments for this method is two. The first argument is the entity name and the second is the entity id.

Structure of the method:

getSmartListRecords('Entity Name', 'Smart List Alias')


Entity Name — The entity name like lead

Smart List Alias — The smart list alias you have set when creating a new smart list like shown in the image below


In the example below, we use thethe alias of the Leads Smart List to get its records.

//Find all records of a lead smart list 

{% set leads = getSmartListRecords('lead', 'do-not-contact-list') %}

{% for lead in leads%}

     Lead: {{lead.first_name}} with email: {{lead.email}} 


//Output: List of name - email of leads in the smart list with alias equal to do-not-contact-list

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