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Latest Trends

  1. Customer Relationship Management Trends to Watch in 2019
  2. Closing Sales in 2020 | 5 Top Tips & Trends of the Year so Far
  3. The importance of having a strong digital identity
  4. 5 Reasons why Flexie could be the right CRM for you
  5. Deep profiling and UTM Tracking with Flexie CRM Tracking script
  6. Top 5 most effective ways to nurturing leads
  7. Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurship
  8. CRM and automation tools
  9. How can automation help you increase sales
  10. Build sales funnels with Flexie CRM
  11. How you can build customer loyalty
  12. What is Inbound Marketing
  13. Cold outreach made easy with Flexie CRM
  14. Social CRM – a must for your business
  15. The importance of providing multi-channel support
  16. Marketing Automation as an integrated part of marketing strategies
  17. How to write emails that get opened and read
  18. How you can turn your CRM into a lead generating machine
  19. Stay connected with your clients, all the time.
  20. How you can build an effective CRM consulting practice
  21. How to build a successful CRM strategy
  22. Flexie Consulting as a job opportunity
  23. Does the Cold Calling work?
  24. Responding to behavior in real time
  25. Personalized Email Marketing more powerful than ever
  26. Deep integration with social media advertisement
  27. Personalized and Customer-Centric Content
  28. Fresh content marketing and dynamic audiences
  29. Marketing intelligence using retargeting
  30. Speeding up the brand recognition process
  31. Factors for forecasting deals
  32. Importance of having a customer success manager for your CRM service
  33. How can you automate everyday tasks and improve team efficiency and productivity
  34. 5 best ways to get valuable feedback from your customer
  35. Deals Forecast
  36. 5 ways a CRM can help small businesses thrive
  37. The building blocks of a CRM sales pipeline

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