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What is Inbound Marketing

This topic has been on the table for quite a long time now and it’s still considered a trend that’s worth talking about. When it comes to marketing, all the possible techniques need to be taken into consideration if you want to reach your audience.

As the later can be reached in so many different ways, here we are going to talk about tips and tricks on how Inbound Marketing will help you grow and achieve your goal in a very fancy way. 

But first, we need to know what Inbound Marketing concept is? 

Inbound Marketing is all about attracting and getting prospects attention by using all possible marketing techniques that will result in prospects coming in by their choice.

The strategy of Inbound Marketing starts by attracting prospects, converting them to customers and then delighting them with benefitting content in blogs or social media. Offer your audience what is demanding and important to them, which, nowadays is constantly changing… so, it is really a never ending process…

Lets start on some tips on how to start using Inbound Marketing for your business.

The Word of Mouth marketing

Words are very powerful and what you say can build you up or tear you down. And that is also valid also for your business, you can get up and down very quickly and in terms of products, a bad reputation may be the end of it. 


But how do you really get to have people be your business or product ambassadors? 

As a rule of thumb, If you do have existing customer you have to provide them first class support and help in the most polite way.  Also keep them engaged with interesting stuff and content, things that are today’s main topics and trends. 

With social media, the voice of the customer is louder than ever and their opinion matters more now than ever before. To succeed you have to listen to them and ask for feedback on how you can improve. 

Other attract tools so your business or product can “Get Found” include ads, videos, publishing good content on your blog, engaging with your social media constantly.

Publishing content outside of your product or business website like guest blogs or being present with videos is also a very good mean to get found by the audience.

Turn strangers to your promoters

Why would a stranger become your promoter have you ever thought about? Do you ever promote anyone’s business or product?

Well you should go ahead give opinions, promote, give and take feedback as  your opinion matters and it will help you create great relationships as well.

In John Nash biography movie, A Beautiful Mind, everyone remembers how he analyzed the best way that would produce the best result on the way to approach to a beautiful blonde and her brunette friends.

He came to conclusion that the best result comes when everyone in a group is doing what is best for themselves and for the group.


Win-win strategies are very good to turn strangers to your promoters.  You give them special services, offer them advices for free and provide valua to them then for sure you are preparing the best terrain that leads to broader brand awareness.

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