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Social CRM – a must for your business

While a traditional CRM gathers data about prospects via traditional channels and usually push them to a funnel, the Social CRM is the today’s word for a customer focused CRM.

Being that companies more and more are present in social networks, customer communication may take place in distributed channels and all of those need to be tracked and logged in a CRM system automatically.

The best CRM system today, is the one who is easily integrated, provides connection with distributed Social Networks and brings together in a centralized hub all the information.

Communication ways can be very diverse, you can text your customers, call them, send them emails and have all this interaction history in a single place.

Evolution of the idea

Traditional Customer Relationship Management systems were a corporate domain years ago for automation of business processes for marketing, sales and customer support.

The big impact of Social Networks brought the need of a CRM for all small and medium-sized businesses. Even a single person who runs an activity can organize its marketing, sales with a CRM.

Gathering prospects from diversified channels, building customer relationships through their preferred channel and bringing all that information to a CRM automatically is the evolution from Traditional to Social CRM.

In the digital era, everyone has a voice through internet. The customer is placed in a central focus and keeping them happy is very important for a business.

Companies can engage with the customer directly, find out more about their interest and they can help with their services. A Social CRM is an enhanced traditional CRM, more opened to communication and to building what its name suggests: relationships.

In a Social CRM, the customer is the one who controls the conversation, as it may take place in a Facebook Group or a Twitter post where it can receive opinions and get shared multiple times.

While a Traditional CRM usually is sales oriented and goes directly to preparation of the sales pitch, a Social CRM engages to find out customer’s interest and preferences first.

Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers

Seth Godin

A Social CRM analyses in-depth customers buying patterns and then applies the right marketing campaign that offers exactly what the customer is asking for.

All of this is very easy in Flexie CRM and that is what makes it so special. You can be connected through unlimited channels and still have the information structured inside Flexie CRM.

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