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5 Reasons why Flexie could be the right CRM for you

We’ve all been there. You have a great product. You’ve built a solid marketing strategy. The sales team is doing its best to keep up with the expectations. Your team is doing its best to offer an amazing customer service. For some reason, you’re not getting the results you want. Frustration sets in, and you start doubting your strategy. Rethinking your entire strategy is not necessarily a bad thing, though. Sometimes you need to take a step back and make a rational analysis of the situation. Maybe your marketing strategy is on point, but you lack the necessary tools to make it work to your advantage. Your sales team might be doing a great job, but they lack the tools to boost sales. Once you know the reason why, you will know how to overcome this.

Almost every company is looking for various ways to its increase efficiency, boost productivity and improve customer service. Furthermore, firms are constantly looking for system which automate many of the work processes. Each business is unique, that’s why it could be a bit difficult for them to find a platform which solves their problems. Even if they do find the platform, the pricing is not affordable. Whether you’re trying to increase your sales and marketing teams’ efficiency, boost productivity, automate everyday tasks, or deliver a stellar customer service and experience, Flexie CRM is the answer. Below are the top five reasons why Flexie could be the right CRM for you:

Easy to adapt to your business flow

Your business needs can be quite different from others . Also, your business flow can be pretty much unique. Flexie has got your back regardless. Ease of adoption and implementation is crucial, especially when you want to keep your strategy and business flow intact. Because Flexie is highly customizable and easy to adopt to every business workflow, you can keep growing your business. In the meantime, we make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Flexie is easy to adapt regardless of the industry you’re in. That’s what makes it an invaluable asset of your company. You don’t need to change your business flow in order to fit with the CRM. On the contrary, Flexie adapts to your business flow and philosophy.

Lower pricing, tons of features 

Looking for a CRM that is affordable, powerful and easy to implement? Flexie is the answer. Every sales team needs a system that makes its job easier, and every marketing team needs a platform that helps in creating innovative marketing campaigns. Flexie offers affordable pricing, with plenty of features to grow your business. Get an overview of your business by using multiple dashboards. Use our multiple channels of communication to reach potential and existing customers. Score your leads automatically, build custom reports and segment your records by using our smart lists . Add a personal touch to your marketing campaigns by sending personal emails and SMS text messages. With Flexie, you can easily import data. Keeping track of what’s going on in your business is crucial. By using Flexie, you can easily track any activity and/or task.

Say goodbye to switching between multiple accounts. Since Flexie serves as an email client, you will have all email correspondence into one single place. Your company is going to be much more efficient by automating everyday tasks. You company may offer many products, and each product has its own sales cycle. By using Flexie, you can bring more revenues to your business by focusing on the right deals. Our multi pipelines help you keep track of every process within your company. Retrieve your data from the database, any time you need by writing your own SQL queries. Integrate all of Flexie’s functionalities into your existing system or apps by using our Flexible API. Low pricing, powerful and flexible CRM. Plenty of features to help you and your company grow.

Enterprise class support

Implementing a powerful, easy-to-adapt and flexible CRM is important, and so is having ongoing support throughout the whole journey. Flexie offers continuous enterprise class support. Whether you need in-depth guidance or support, we’re here to make sure that you get the most out of Flexie. To help you throughout the whole implementation and post-implementation process, you will have email, chat and phone support from your coach. You will have a dedicated customer success manager at your disposal, who will help you get started, offering you ongoing expertise and tips throughout the whole process. The customer success manager will make sure that your company succeeds. We can succeed only if you succeed.

A real boost of productivity

Increasing efficiency within your company is key to boosting overall productivity. In Flexie CRM, you can easily schedule coming events through our multipurpose calendar, so that you don’t miss any important phone call, meeting, task, etc. To never miss any upcoming activity, you will be automatically alerted any time there’s a scheduled event approaching. In Flexie CRM,  you can create reports in order to gain a deeper understanding of your sales team performance, how the marketing team is doing, and so on. Each customer is unique, that’s why you need a system that finds the right sales rep for that specific client. You can easily assign tasks to your sales or marketing team, thus freeing up time that can be used to actually grow your business.

To increase sales and overall productivity even more, you need a system that allows all your team members to share relevant information with one another. That’s where Flexie comes into play. You can easily share records with your sales team, your marketing team, specific individuals, and so on. The more you team members collaborate, the better the efficiency. An improved efficiency naturally translates into an increased productivity.

Automation ready

In Flexie CRM, you can easily automate everyday tasks, thus freeing up time for your sales, marketing and support teams. As your company grows, so does your needs for a system which automatically scores your leads. In Flexie CRM, you can adjust lead points based on ever-changing conditions. During your day-to-day activities, you may need to automate a lot of tasks. For example, you want to be notified when a lead submits your form, visits your page, opens your email, etc.

Also, you may need to notify your sales team, your marketing team, etc. To do this, you can easily build a workflow and send web, email and sms notifications any time a lead opens an email, visits your page, submits your form, and so on. You no longer have to wonder how to allocate potential or existing customers, since you can build a workflow which reassigns records such as leads, contacts, accounts, or deals to the right people within your company- based on dynamic and specific conditions. Automating everyday tasks increases efficiency, enhances productivity, and it also helps you manage your customers in the best of ways.

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