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Setup your unsubscribe link

Flexie CRM requires you to insert an unsubscribe link in your email campaigns. As anti-spam rules are enforced worldwide, you are required to setup an unsubscribe link. This is on your benefit as well as you avoid being marked as a spammer.

Having a visible unsubscribe link allows your recipients to easily unsubscribe from your email lists, and you avoid your messages being marked by the recipients as a spam.

To have your unsubscribe link in your email templates, you need to configure it in Flexie CRM otherwise the default Flexie CRM unsubscribe link will be appended to the email you sent.

If you want a customized unsubscribe link in your email template, you can create an unsubscribe link and include it in the email template that you will be sending.

Setup Email Template unsubscribe

Go to your Template / Email Templates and click on one of your templates.  Next you will see the following screen and click Edit.

The unsubscribe link have to be somewhere visible for the recipient to see. Usually it goes down at the footer of the template.  Write down what your unsubscribe sentence will be and select it in order to make it a link. Click the link icon like shown in the screen below.

Another popup will show up asking for some link information. At Protocol select <other> and at the URL put {UNSUBSCRIBE}. Click OK to save and close the popup. Protocol set to <other> is needed because the HTTP is auto generated from the {UNSUBSCRIBE} tag and makes sure you don’t set it twice.

Save and close the template and it will be ready to use. If you want to test your template, try sending a Mass Email to a single lead.

If a user unsubscribes, it will unsubscribe this template only. You could also create snippet template to contain the unsubscribe link and then include it in the email templates you have.

To unsubscribe from all your mailing lists you might run a workflow and listen watch for event ‘Unsubscribe Email’. You can check unsubscribe from any template and set options so you manage the unsubscribe recipients.

Email marketing is a very valuable part of your daily routine from which you build relationships with your customers or potential ones. Including the unsubscribe link will make sure you give your recipients the choice to be in that relationship with you or not.

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