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SMS Messages

In addition to contacting leads by phone or via mail, you can send text messages to your leads. In our mobile-centric world, the ability to communicate with customers through text messages is key to offering a personalized experience. Flexie lets you personalize your relationship with leads by enabling you to send text messages to them. Simple and effective.

Text messages

Send sms

While email is a powerful communication tool, sms messages can be very useful due to their personalized nature. In Flexie CMR, you can send sms messages to leads and contacts (provided they have a mobile phone number) by simply going to their profile or directly from the main grid. The easy-to-use interface makes it even simpler to send text messages from the CRM. Sending sms messages may come in handy in different situations. For example, you can notify a customer to renew his/her subscription through an SMS.

Send sms

SMS messages can be a great tool to nurture leads, manage contacts and not only: by sending sms messages to your leads or contacts, you offer a personalized customer service. Text messages can really be a powerful tool in your communication arsenal.

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